Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Q-Tip Paradox


We love 'em, we use 'em.

And we buy the Q-Tip brand.


Because they are far superior to cheap knock-offs or store brands.


So what is the Q-Tips paradox, you ask?

Well, every morning I shower and every morning I use a Q-Tip.

And guess what?

There is nothing on the Q-Tip after I use it because I use them every day.

It doesn't feel satisfying when there isn't anything on there.

But it's gross if there is.

Maybe it ain't a paradox at all.

Sometimes a Q-Tip is just a Q-Tip.

Waxy or not.


Cousin Saul said...

I like the warning on the Q-Tip package: "Do not insert into the ear canal."

Cousin Saul said...

Isn't Q-Tip the actor on Law and Order?

Cake said...

Thanks for telling us about your toiletry habits! My life is now complete.

Just wondering said...

What do you use the Q-Tip for since it's forbidden to use it in your ears?

the Answer Man said...

It starts with a Q...

Redbeard76 said...

Crazy Jason: Why do they call them Q-Tips? They should call them E-Tips.

Thank you.

Bring back Crazy Jason!

Heavy Helen said...

I like to use Q-Tips to clean out the gunk between my fatty IANO fatter than I realized?

fatty folds said...

this sickens me.

Redbeard76 said...

One after 909. Pounds, that is.

Heavy Henry said...

I use a spatula for my fatty folds.

The Silver Fox said...

Gee, if you really wanted to look authoritative and did some research, you could've linked to an old Q-Tip poston my RantZ blog. (I know, I know, like you'd bother. Just kidding.)

Not Cake Being Smart, Nope said...

But but but everyone deleted references to your RantZ blog after you demanded it! *sobs in confusion*