Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SNIPPETS: Looped on the Juice Special Edition

BACON ACE: "I didn't name my i-Touch after your wife...I named it after your Mother."


MAN: "Why haven't you ever tried Indian food?"

ME: "I haven't finished trying the other kinds yet."


GUY: "I can't believe Archie REALLY married Veronica over Betty.

ME: "Archie didn't REALLY do anything."


GUY: "How much are those Looney Tune glasses?"

ME: "$9.99 each."

GUY: "I don't see any Mickey Mouse ones."

ME: "He ain't a Looney Tune."

GUY: "Are you sure?"

ME: "Yes."


ME: "That's gross that we both did that."

WIFEY: "Burping isn't gross."

ME: "Yes it is."

WIFEY: "No, it isn't."

ME: "Is."


ME: "Why do you need my ear buds?"

DAUGHTER: "Mine are broken."

ME: "You mean you chewed on them until they broke."

DAUGHTER: "I didn't chew on them...they just broke from using them too much."


DAUGHTER: "Loser."



Cake said...

So to sum up:

1) Bacon Ace likes MILFs.

2) You're missing out on Indian food...though, to be honest, it's often cold since the restaurants leave their doors open.

3) [spoiler here].

4) Your customers are Looney Tunes.

5) *burp* is gross.

6) Your daughter is very smaht, loser.

The end.

Roman Polanski said...

Your daughter used to be hot, before she turned 14.

Roman Polanski's daughter said...

I slept with my dad when I was 13 and he didn't even need the drugs.