Friday, October 02, 2009

Top Ten Reasons Dave Letterman slept with his staffers.

10) He's a man.

9) He's a man.

8) He's a man.

7) He's a man.

6) He's a man.

5) He's a man.

4) He's a man.

3) He's a man.

2) He's a man.

And the number one reason David Letterman slept with some of his staff:

1) He's a man.


The Silver Fox said...

Anyone whose first two names are "David" and "Michael" is a Male Slut. I oughtta know.

Just sayin' said...

Male slut = redundant.

Anonymous said...

Top Ten Reasons I Slept With Dave
1. He told me there was something in my underwear.
2. I find big ears attractive.
3. I got lost on the Late Night set and slept on his couch.
4. He promised me a bologna on rye sandwich afterwards.
5. I thought he was the famous rapper Snoop Dave.
6. I used him to get to Paul.
7. It was in my contract.
8. That gap in his teeth mesmerized me.
9. I though it was part of my bonus.
10. What else is there to do Monday's after midnight?