Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I think I just came up with a way to keep America safe from ever being attacked.

It's a simple plan.

Most of our clothes are made overseas, correct?

So lets change up sizing.


We'll send design changes to the factories in Taiwan and China and Pakistan etc.

For example:

A man's dress shirt that would normally be an label it small. They will think we're HUGE!

A normally XXL shirt?? Label it medium. They will tremble.


These dumb ass countries will think Americans are GIANTS and POWERFUL and they will leave us alone. ("Amelicans berry big, berry strong")

Clever, huh?

Excuse me while I wash in my own genius.


We'll also change female dress sizes to a minimum of 40. Keep the bastards from wanting our women.

God Bless America.


Kathy said...

"Amelicans berry big, berry strong"


Charlie said...

Missa McGloo...Missa McGloo!

Joe Ju Sitsu said...

Carring Dick Tlacy...Dick Tlacy...come in!

Charlie Chan said...

"Foolish Amelican can not fool number one son."

Cake said...

I'm having Chinese food takeout for supper tonight.


Yum yum, berry dericious.

he didn't mean CAKE said...

when he mentioned size 40 women.

the Beatles said...

Maxwell's Extra Large Silver Hammer

Fixing a Medium Sized Hole

I Am The Small Walrus

When I'm A Size Sixty Four

Heavy Helen said...

He meant meeeeeeeeeeeee!

Big Yong Dong said...

That'll never work -- we know you Americans are fat and sluggish. We're invading a little at a time just by buying up your land and companies. snickels

Beatles Not Quite Getting it said...

Eight Sizes Bigger a Week?