Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Heimlich Manure

So I wake up last night and that is going through my brain.

I know it's a 'winner'.

The Heimlich Manure.

I know it's a great punchline. I'll build a story around it and then BAM!

Heimlich Manure.

The guffaws will be heard from here to there.

I will be famous.

The Heimlich Manure!

Funny funny.

And then I thought..."Crap, that's something Crazy Jason would think of!"

It's only a matter of time before he calls with a Heimlich Manure story.

I know this.

I think he's inside me.

Or something.


Cake said...

"I think he's inside me."

But he's trying to get out, man, he's trying to get out!

The Beatles said...

Heimlich's Silver Manure?

the Beatles said...

I Wanna Be Your Manure

The Fool on the Manure

I Am The Manure

Happiness is Warm Manure

Lady Manure

Mean Mr. Manure