Saturday, October 31, 2009

What to say to Trick or Treaters!!

Don't like talking to trick or treaters?

Don't know what to say to them?

Use this handy Cheat-Sheet of time-honored classics:

1) "Aren't you ADORABLE!! Hey Honey, come here and look at this Cutie!"

2) "OHHHH!! Scary!!!"

3) "And what are YOU supposed to be?"

4) "Aren't you kinda old to be trick or treatiing??"

5) "We're out of candy...would you like a penny or a band-aid"

6) "You're out kinda late, huh?"

7) "Oh, look, our first Batman!" (19th Batman)

8) "Oh, look, our first Princess!" (27th Princess)

9) "HOBO!"



The Beatles said...

Here Comes The Batman and The Princess.

Happiness Is Warm Gum

The Ballad of Batman and The Princess

Sparkle Plenty said...

11) "Trick."
12) "Oh, aren't you a cute little Repo Man! HEY! Step away from my car, dude!"
13) "Hi, sweetheart. Aren't you sweet? How 'bout a nice scoop of mac 'n cheese?"
14) "Okay. Explain it again to me. What is 'UNICEF'?"
15) "No, we don't have any candy. Sorry." wife calls out from kitchen, "Give them the candy! "Oh, this candy. Okay."

cousin saul said...

This year the "treat" is:
a single "goldfish" cracker delivered with tongs.

I Ain't No Oprah said...

The mashed potatoes was stlll your best

Cake said...

16) "No no, don't take the Smarties...those are poisoned."

17) "You're going to hell, my child, Halloween is for satanists. Tell your parents!"

18) ::hides bag of razor blades behind back:: "Would you like a chocolate bar or lollipop?"

19) "No, no...that's not a dog...that's a very, very hungry werewolf.*"

(*Where wolf? There wolf! There castle! ::howl::)

Cake said...
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Sparkle Plenty said...

20) "Now, who are you again, little boy? 'Silver Oprah'?"

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Last year I had twelve different kids dressed as Silver Oprah.

The Silver Fox said...

21. Say nothing; just throw hot water on them.