Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A couple of Crazy Jasons, A text conversation with Wifey, maybe a snippet, an RIP for Johnny Fontaine. Or something.


ME: "Woof!"

WIFEY: "Huh?"

ME: "Hi."

WIFEY: "I'll be home soon."


CRAZY JASON: "You know that great assassin Sirhan Sirhan?"

ME: "I know of him, yes..."

CRAZY JASON: "He would have made a great Han Solo..."

ME: "Hmmmm."

CRAZY JASON: You know, if he didn't bop future Presidents."

ME: "Thank you."




ME: "The guy who plays Eric on True Blood came in my store today!"

DAUGHTER: "OH MY GOD! Did you get his autograph? You're lying, aren't you?"

ME: "I'm lying."



Cake said...

Sometimes I really do wonder if you're actually Crazy Jason...or just crazy.

No, wait, I don't wonder.

Never mind.

Crazy Jason and the Beatles said...

crazy jason-"i like the beatles"

the beatles-"thank you"

bacon ace said...

Sadly Crazy Jason is realy. And he will talk your ear off about the legal issues and copyright malarky that DC and Marvel are into. It's all completely made up mind you, but that doesn't stop Crazy Jason.