Friday, September 25, 2009

A text conversation with my 19 year old

ME: "I love you more than spaghetti and meatballs."

DAUGHTER: "I love you more than pizza."

(And if that doesn't bring a tear to your eye, nothing will. Except maybe some sand in your eye. Or onions. Or something)


McKenzie said...

But do you wanna have sex with her?

Cake said...

That's adorable.

Does she enjoy having a girl for a dad?

Sparkle Plenty said...

NO! That's not a tear in my eye! It's my new contact lenses! It's the sun! It's conjunctivitis! (*sniffles mightily*)

Having two moms is way cool! Twice the clothes to borrow--although she's probably not that into your crocs and capris.

The Silver Fox said...

Nice outfit, though.

daughter said...

actually you quoted me wrong. I believe my response was I love you ALMOST as much as pizza