Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm pretty sure Jesus would have thought Elton was gay.

>>(CBS) Elton John is facing backlash from Christian groups after stating in an interview that Jesus was gay.<<<<;morenews


Cake said...

Savour the irony if he was, given how gays have been treated by the church...

The Pope said...


Sparkle Plenty said...

Savior the irony, Cake! Savior the irony!

OOH! This gives me some GREAT frickin' ideas for TV shows!

Christ Eye on the Straight Guy
(Robe makeovers for all!)

Jeez and Grace

Queer as Jeez

Okay. Maybe not that many ideas.

I got nuthin said...

Jeez and the Feyman

Savior by The BellBottoms

JC and The Bear

Frere Jacques in de nort' countree said...

JC and the Sundon'tshine gang decide on a little group action with ol' Dwight. He sings:

One, two three
The boys are after me
Four, five six
They'll threaten me with sticks
Seven, eight nine
First water then some wine
There'll be a hot time
In the Elton tonight...