Monday, February 22, 2010

Web Searches that found I Ain't No Oprah

We did this a while ago....we're gonna do it again.

I have a little tracking cookie thingy on this here blog.

It shows what Google (and Bing etc) searches that people use and how they end up on I Ain't No Oprah.

Here are last week's searches:
(first number is how many people searched and found us)

(And people seem to really care about Oprah's hair)

Num Perc. Search Term
12 13.64% oprah's new hair style
5 5.68% how many tickets has avatar sold
4 4.55% hitler world tour t shirt
3 3.41% 30 rock waltham
2 2.27% oprah new hair style
2 2.27% oprah's new haircut
2 2.27% national geographic food rating system
2 2.27% corky tattoo
2 2.27% i ain't no oprah
2 2.27% oprah july 01 2009
2 2.27% definition AND proto socialist
2 2.27% oprah new haircut
2 2.27% mary ellen moffat
1 1.14% what happened to thomas' english muffins
1 1.14% national geographic food rating
1 1.14% 30 rock, waltham
1 1.14% what is a bishen cutter?
1 1.14% "truck truck to lynn"
1 1.14% makes me no nevermind
1 1.14% Chuck, chuck, bo-buck
1 1.14% haiku hitler
1 1.14% "Chuck Chuck Bo Buck"
1 1.14% National Geographic 100 foods
1 1.14% happy girth day
1 1.14% hitler world tour t-shirt
1 1.14% Oprah Tom Jones
1 1.14% louie areola
1 1.14% sarah palins retarded kid
1 1.14% "blueberry blonde"
1 1.14% the best foods for you national geographic
1 1.14% "thomas' english muffins" smaller
1 1.14% oprah gowns
1 1.14% Christina Hendricks is fat
1 1.14% it dont make me no nevermind
1 1.14% don't make me no nevermind
1 1.14% beautiful aerolas
1 1.14% conversation of a client and a waiter
1 1.14% oprah's boyfriend jokes
1 1.14% how many Haitians does it take to screw in a light bulb?
1 1.14% proto socialist government definition
1 1.14% pictures of dead jews
1 1.14% nice legs
1 1.14% how many tichets has avatar sold
1 1.14% Conversation Bank Teller
1 1.14% how many haitians does it take to screw in a lightbulb
1 1.14% death headlines
1 1.14% chinese guy
1 1.14% makes me no never mind
1 1.14% fox and the hound porn
1 1.14% meaning proto socialist
1 1.14% Thomas's english muffins getting smaller
1 1.14% fox and the hound nude
1 1.14% kam fong chin ho
1 1.14% itchy areolas
1 1.14% real guns that look like toys
1 1.14% oprahs new haircut
1 1.14% christina hendricks fat
1 1.14% flying poo particles toothbrush


Cake said...

So, I was googling Oprah's new hair style while trying to figure out how many tickets Avatar has sold (while wearing my Hitler world tour t-shirt and watching that clip where 30 Rock visited Waltham...when the National Geographic food rating system informed me that my Corky tattoo was an excellent weight loss tool.

Now, I ain't no Oprah, but the July 1, 2009, edition of had Oprah defining the proto socialist Mary Ellen Moffat as "someone who wonders what happened to thomas' english muffins." In the same "Chuck Chuck Bo Buck" issue, they asked the excellent question: what is a bishen cutter and will it truck truck to Lynn?

To be honest, it makes me no nevermind...but did you hear that Sarah Palin's retarded kid (the blueberry blonde one) said that Christina Hendricks is fat?


Okay...I'm outta gas.

But I really like Oprah's new haircut.

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Very nice!

Out of all of the comments today, yours is the WINNER!!

Kathy said...

how many tickets has avatar sold?

Cake said...

It'd have sold more if Oprah was in it with that new haircut of hers.

Kathy said...


what role would she have given to Gayle King?

Cake said... of them blue-skinned things?