Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vincent: The Fingernail Kid

So this ten year old kid named Vincent is in the shop the other day.

He's biting his fingernails.

Here is our conversation:

ME: "What are you doing!!?"

VINCENT: "Nothing."

ME: "I just saw you biting your fingernails!"


ME: "And you were spitting them out on my floor!!"

VINCENT: " was just one one fingernail. It would take like a million years of me biting my nails to fill up the place."


Surly Cakey said...

::bites nails...spits bits out on blog floor::

Whattya gonna do about it?

Nestles said...

File Me Do

I Want to Hold Your Clippings

Why Don't We Spit it in the Road

Apple said...

(that's what auto correct thinks Beatles should be, somehow...)