Friday, July 02, 2010

Darth Vader: The Homeless Guy

For the last five years or so I've had this homeless guy coming in my shop.

He usually shows up four or five times a year.

Always reeking of bad wine and stench.

Usually dirty and grubby...unshaved.

Always with a backpack filled with his worldly possesions.

He also usually comes in when he gets his hands on some money.

He likes Superman. Star Trek and Star Wars.

And he has personality. I kinda like him. He's nice.

So anyhow....he comes in yesterday.

(dirty, grubby, and smelling of cheap booze)

He buys a Superman belt buckle.

Then he buys a diecast metal Star Trek ship.

And then BAM! he spots the Darth Vader helmet!

He has to have it!

He buys it. He's downright giddy.

Lots of folks standing about when he loudly proclaims:

"I'm am NOT Darth Vader! I am Michael Vader of the Alcohol Empire!"

And he was very pleased with himself.

Nobody said anything.

People went about their business.

Michael Vader hung out for a bit.

He spotted three guys by the doorway.

He proudly proclaimed to them:

"I am NOT Darth Vader...I am Michael Vader of the Alcohol Empire!"

I'm sure he continued to say that throughout the evening.

For he is....Michael Vader of the Alcohol Empire!


paul howley said... he your FATHER?

Cake not signed in said...

This IANO just might get an Oscar!