Thursday, July 29, 2010

I also sat next to him at a Rolling Stones concert

So I'm having some furniture delivered tomorrow and the furniture store calls to confirm delivery times and stuff.


ME: "Hello?"

ELIOT: "Hello! This is Eliot from Jordan's Furniture!"

ME: "Hi Eliot! How are you?"

ELIOT: "I'd love to talk to you in person but unfortunately I can only do this recording."

ME: "So how are you?"

ELIOT: "To make your delivery experience as postive as possible make sure you leave a clear path to where you want your furniture set up."

ME: "Okay."

ME: "Eliot?"

ME: "Eliot??"


ME: "I'm talking to a recording. And myself."

ELIOT: "Thank you for choosing Jordan's Furniture and have a great day!"

ME: "Thank you, Eliot!"


Cake said...

Sometimes they record the 'real person' side of those conversations to play back at Christmas parties.

(I enjoy answering those pre-recorded messages with a list of what I'm having for supper and stuff...I like to think it messes 'em up. It probably doesn't.)

Probably not really Hoagy said...

Took the liberty of picking out your next's quite fabulous. I have a set just like this at my house.

Still probably not Hoagy said...

Or this one...and get a matching one for me so we can lounge together in our silk dressing gowns after dinner.

Okay, I'm done. said...

No, wait! Perfect!