Monday, July 19, 2010

The Saga of the Discarded Computer Monitor.

So about a month or so ago a college student (I'm guessing) tossed away this computer monitor on the sidewalk next to my shop.

I didn't think much about. I assumed the city would pick it when they picked up trash.

They didn't.

Every morning he would greet me to start my day....."Hello, Mr IANO!"

Every night a "Good Night, Mr. IANO!"

It sat. And sat. And sat.

Nobody picked him up.

He became part of the neighborhood.

Someone placed a soft drink can on him.

An empty sundae bowl.

A banana peel.

Scratched lottery ticket.

Empty pack of Marlboro.

He sat there covered in debris.

On the sidewalk.

Then I came in the other morning and he was sitting on the street.

Next morning his screen was smashed.

He still sits. He waits.

He's alone.

He's like a homeless person. People pretend they don't see him.

They do.

I wonder if he'll be there when the weather turns cold?


I will keep you updated.


Snotty Artiste said...

That's my art...I call it:


Got me a $20K grant for it.

Beatles version 65.1 said...

Mean Mr. Monitor

While My Screen Gently Breaks


Why Don't We Discard It In The Road