Thursday, July 01, 2010

RIP actor or actress (This weekends blog ahead of time)

You will be missed.

I still remember going to the _______ theater to see you in_______!

I went with ______ and _____.

Back in those days admission was only _____.

If I remember correctly both Edith Head and William Tuttle were in the credits of some of your biggest hits.

Sometimes you'd go on The _____ Show and talk with ______ and I'd stay up late just to watch you.

You were always a great guest with great stories.

I also enjoyed how late in your career you went against type to star in such films as_________ and _______.

Even guest starring on such great TV shows as _____ and ____!

RIP actor or actress! You will be missed!


Make sure you share your memories of this wonderful actor/actress.


You might think I'm phoning it in but just wait until the death occurs....WOW!


sick of it all said...

Was Joe Biden an actor? (Please say yes)

The ________ said...

I Want __ Hole _____ _____!

Cake said...

She always around. ::wipes eyes::

last movie seen in 1973 said...

Zasu Pitts died? What a bummer, man

Sparkle Plenty said...