Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Butter Bacon Bread Blanket Bingo!

I was left alone last night.

I had to man up and take care of myself.

I had butter.

I had bacon.

I had bread.

I fell asleep shortly afterwards in a buttery coma.


So what's the point with the picture I used?

Well, I was googling for a picture to use and I entered ' butter sleep' and up came this picture.

It had nothing to do with butter or sleep.

But I liked it anyhow.

In the future when I think of butter sleep I will think of her.

And so will you.


Cake not signed in said...

Do you think about butter sleep a lot?

The uininspired Beatles said...

Butter Me Do

Mean Mister Margarine

The unininininspired Beatles said...

Apparently the Uninspired Beatles have a stutter today.

Buttery Beatles said...

Eight Sticks a Week

I Should Have Known Butter

The Ballad of John and Oleo

Anonymous said...

I Want To Hold Your Bacon

While My Butter Gently Melts

Not the Beatles said...

Sweater puppies!!!

paul howley said...

"I Should Have Known Butter" wins the Beatles Game.

Anonymous said...

It's getting Butter All the Rime

Alastairanson said...

Sleeved blankets break this botheration by artlessly abacus a set of sleeves to the blanket.

Midwest Scrapbook

Cake not signed in said...

Dear Alastairanson:




beatles blanket said...

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