Saturday, November 26, 2011

Location, Location, Location.


ME: "The Store, may I help you?"

POTENTIAL CUSTOMER: "Where are you located?"

ME: "I'm behind the counter."

POTENTIAL CUSTOMER: "No..I mean where are you?"

ME: "I'm at my store."

POTENTIAL CUSTOMER: "Where is that?"

ME: "blahblahblahADDRESSblahblahblah"

POTENTIAL CUSTOMER: "We can't find it."


Beatles said...

We got nothing.

Grand Funk Railroad said...

Locomotion, Locomotion, Locomotion.

Madam Haphaslepe said...

Well, the "i" comes right after "h" and the "t" comes after "s"...put 'em together and ta-da!

paul howley said...

I know OF your location....