Monday, May 14, 2012

Everything should be a nickel

So one of my crazies comes in the shop on Saturday.

Very bag lady-ish. 60s.

Kooky striped socks.

An umbrella in hand on a sunny day.

Weird bows in her hair.

She bought five old lunch boxes for $51.00.

Here is the conversation that followed:

ME: "....and thank you very much! Have a wonderful day!"

LADY: "These should be a nickel."

ME: "What should be a nickel?"

LADY: "These lunch boxes."

ME: "I agree."

LADY: "Everything should be a nickel."

ME: "I agree."

LADY: "I remember when everything was a nickel."

ME: "Me too."

LADY: "That should be a nickel...and that should be a nickel. Everything should be a nickel!"

ME: "Imagine how much stuff we could buy if everything was nickel!??"

LADY: "Everything used to be a nickel."

ME: "Thank you."


Inco M.Sudbury said...

So did she pay you with a big bag of nickels?

Off by four cents said...

Canada just eliminated the nickel.

Future crazy lady said...

What's wrong with kooky striped socks?

Anonymous said...

Everything should be a nickel... and we should never get old... and sugar should be good for you... and we should be able to have pet lions... and unicorns should exist so they could give us rides to the pots of gold under rainbows....

Amanda InformaMan said...

I wish old ladies were only a nickle because then I could sell them for marked up prices back to their children. And keep all their stuff.