Sunday, May 06, 2012

Nhoj Cram Dnamats

So I was cleaning under my counter two weeks ago and I found a Red Sox poker chip.

I put it on a case behind the counter.

What happened?

The Red Sox won six games in a row!

On the road!

They were on fire! They were inching towards .500 after a bad start.

My friends...I found a lucky Red Sox poker chip and I was in control of the Red Sox destiny for 2012!

I thought I'd share this lucky chip with a friend.

Once the lucky poker chip passed hands it became the unlucky Red Sox poker chip!!

I threw the 2012 season down the toilet!

Why oh why oh why did I give it away!!!?????

But the gods looked down at me.

The Red Sox poker chip found it's way BACK to me.

It's sitting in my home.

But still bringing bad luck to my fading Red Sox.

What to do, what to do? (real men should never say 'what to do, what to do?')

I'll tell you what I'm gonna do....I'm gonna bury that motherfucker in my front yard.

Tomorrow. 5/7/12

Maybe around 9- 9:30.

It will be a somber ceremony.

I doubt you can make it to my front yard tomorrow so do me a favor...

Around 9:00am start chanting NHOJ CRAM DNAMATS slowly.




and repeat.

Nhoj Cram Dnamats.

Nhoj Cram Dnamats.

Nhoj Cram Dnamats.

It's really the only way to save the season.

Nhoj. Cram. Dnamats.


Anonymous said...

As soon as I finished reading this post the Sox started rallying. I have a good feeling about this lucky poker chip of yours. Nhoj Cram Dnamats!!

Moonakins said...


I thought it would be lucky said...


2007 said...

No, wait, it was!

Wade Boggs said...

Red Sox:
What an odd name for a water polo team.
You Bostonians are all just a wee bit nuts.