Saturday, May 19, 2012

What is the point of this story?

So I have a retarded customer.

And actual retarded customer.

(Or do we call him mentally challenged?)

We will stick with retard for this post. Simmer down!

His name is Bobby.

This particular retard is high functioning. Not Hoag level of high functioning, but still a high functioning retard.

Like Hoag, he dresses nice.

He has a debit card. He is very aware of what things cost.

He talks like you would expect a retard to talk.

He is polite.

As you would expect him to be.

So last night it was past closing time.

 I was hungry.

Bobby was the last person here besides me.

I let him know that it was closing time.

He looked at his watch.

He looked at me.

He looked  at his watch.

He looked at me.

BOBBY: "What time is it?"

ME: "6:47 at night"

BOBBY: "My watch stopped."

The End

So what is the point of this story?

The point is: There is just something funny about a retarded guy with a stopped watch.

I'm not sure why.

Give it some thought.

You will smile.


Please don't scold me said...

A stopped retard...uhhh, I mean still right twice a day.

I win said...

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Confused Retard said...

Your stories have a point?