Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hash flipped, math skipped. And more!

So I'm driving by the local diner today and notice that they have a large sign up that states:  HASH FLIPPED!!!

Is that really worthy of three exclamation points???


I'm in the center of town filling up my gas tank.

It comes to $49.00.

I give the grease monkey $60.00. Here is the conversation that followed:

GREASE MONKEY: "So you want $1.00 back?"

ME: "No...I want $11.00 back.



I was craving a lobster roll last night. I go to my new favorite lobster roll place to get one.

There are 15 empty bar stools around the bar where I plan to eat.

I order.

My food and drink get delivered.

Then lonely Joe the Bartender saunters up to me and starts talking.

I'm the only one there.

I pretend like I'm texting.

He talks some more. And more. And more.

He offers his name. I give him mine.

We are now chums. Or so he thinks.

He talks some more.

Did you know that he was once quite the hockey player?

I do.

He then shook my hand.

I don't really like shaking hands much.

But he's my I shake.

Now all I can think about is washing off Joe the Bartender's lonely germs.


Thats it.

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Tard said...

I once accidentally tipped a cabbie $10 by asking for the wrong change. $1 instead of $11.

So to sum up:

That's why I'm a writer/editor.