Thursday, May 03, 2012

Search Engine Does My Thinking.

You've used a search engine before, correct?

You know how sometimes you type in a few letters and it auto-suggests things?

It drives me nuts.

 I'm happy to just type in Jack in the Box tacos or Cialis or whatever it is I'm searching.

(Cialis is funnier in a joke than Viagra is)

So just a few minutes ago I typed in the letters FA

And up came this:

fried filled tortillafamu hazing deathfine grain leatherfamous canalfacebookfacebook

Unfortunately that isn't what I was looking for.


Anonymous said...

Mine came up with Football Association. I'm afraid your search engine is insane. (And you say it does your thinking... interesting.)

I Ain't No Oprah said...

I just tried it again.

I got:

famu hazing deathfamous canalfather kevin leefacebookfacebook loginfacebook login infacefacebook

Anonymous said...

Scary.... get another search engine, quick, before you lose your mind.

Beatles said...

Searching A Hole

I Am The Famu Hazing Deathfamous Canalfather

I'll Follow The Google

Get Bing

Hey Jeeves

Bingles said...

I Want To Hold Your Google

Why Don't We Do It On The Internet


The Long and Winding Information Super Highway

Suckah said...

It sounds like your computer is hacked.

Unless I'm lying.

Probably not a hacker said...

I got:

factory direct

What is YOUR computer smokin'? You know it defaults to previous searches before trying to guess, though, yes? Correct? Unless you clear everything when you close your Internet Explorer.