Monday, May 07, 2012

Red Sox Chip Update:

In a rather dull ceremony the unlucky Red Sox poker chip was buried.

(Actually it was dropped in a hole where once stood a fence post)

Nobody really cared.

No food was served.

It probably wont have any real impact on the pennant race.

Go Celtics!


Cake said...

*salutes somberly*

Keltics said...

I can't pull for a team that pronounces its own name wrong. Sorry.

Half-hearted Beatles said...

Polythene Poker

Let It Be Buried

Back in the H.O.L.E.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was at 9 tonight! I missed it! And I didn't do the chant!!
Oh well. The Celtics probably deserve to win more than the Sox, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Bury That Weight

Day Chipper

Just Sayin' said...

The Sox losing streak just ended.
Please leave that chip in the hole.

Anonymous said...

Your chip is a loser, after all. Oh well. Guess it's silly to get my hopes up this season.