Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Diet Pepsi coin flip

Diet Pepsi has released a series of ads proclaiming that '56% of those polled say Diet Pepsi has more cola taste than Diet Coke'

Not it tastes better, but more cola taste.

56% is not a ringing endorsement when it comes to cola. What they are basically saying is that roughly half of the cola drinkers think Coke has more cola taste.

44% of Coca-Cola drinkers think Pepsi drinkers are girls.

And 62% of all cola drinkers of age, in the USA, won't vote for Hillary Clinton. Or Joe 'I'm out of my freakin' mind' Biden.


bostongraf said...

I took the Pepsi challeneg once. I picked CocaCola.

Pepsi is for girls.

bacon ace said...

Wait a second there, does that mean that Pepsi is the official soft drink of Buddy Night?

Tex said...

in texas all drinks are called coke...

but I drink H2O

busy bee said...

I'm drinking a frappuccino, what does that make me?

bacon ace said...

A candidate for Buddy Night?

cake said...

Been there, done that. Months and months of therapy...

le grand pepsi from de nort' countree said...

You pick on Pepsi, you Chriss de tabernac tete carre?

Nex' I expec' you say dat Ding-Dongs are better dan May Wes'

All dress
pas d'ognions
puis un Pepsi
Two hegg side by each
Montreal Matin.

Good breakfas'