Monday, June 11, 2007

Possibly racist statistics

a) 32% of all Jews skip breakfast.

b) 60% of all breakfast restaurants exclude Jews.

c) 44% of all West Germans have never skipped to work.

d) 33% of all New Zealanders have a small piece of spinach stuck in their teeth.

e) 80% of all Irishmen think we should give Ireland back to the Irish (whatever the hell that means)

f) 95% of all the water on earth is in Africa but Africans can only look to the right and all the water is on the left. Weird, huh?

g) Back in 1755 84% of all Canadians gathered together for one historic meeting and all they came up with was the word 'pelt'

h) 30% of folks from Finland have fins on their back yet 90% of them still can't swim.

i) 80% of rappers come from Iceland.

j) 2% of the people from India speak in deep, pleasant sounding voices.

k) 83% of the people in Russia sing it: "Back in the CCCP."

l) 40% of the people living in Chad refer to it as 'Jeremy'

m) 20% of the people living in Peter refer to it as 'Jordan'

n) 34% of the people living in Smoking in the Boysroom refer to it as "Ballroon Blitz"

The above stats are true.

Weird, huh?


Lois Lane said...

o) 42% of the Scottish population have never met anyone named "Scott.

p) 12% of Episcopalians have an extra toe on their left foot, which gives them an advantage in clog dancing competitions.

ex mrs. bacon ace said...

"30% of folks from Finland have fins on their back yet 90% of them still can't swim."

Hey, I resemble that comment!

cake said...

q) 37% of Americans think the letter "a" is a Canadian invention.

r) 78% of people in Denmark have no idea what a Danish is.

bacon ace said...

87% of French people eat toast without syrup.

Anonymous said...

S) 44% of comic book shop owners can't read.
T) 12% of people under the age of 22 can't count to 22.

Anonymous said...

10 per cent of mathematicians don't understand percentages ?

jeremy said...

wait, you mean I'm actually CHAD?!

peter said...

I have people living in me???