Friday, June 08, 2007

a typical conversation with my puppy

ME: "Puppy!"

PUP: :wags tail:

ME: "g-owd-zide?"

PUP: :wags tail:

ME "g-owd-zide? g-owd-zide? g-owd-zide?"

PUP: :runs down hall with tail furiously wagging::

ME: "zats a gooood girl....zats a good girl"

ME: ::brings pup to newspaper strewn pee zone in garage::

PUP: :: runs in a tight controlled couterclockwise direction, squats, pees....sniffs around said pee"

ME: "Zats a gooood girl. Good girl."

PUP: :blank stare:

ME: :: tickles her belly as I carry her back in house:: "I'm. gonna. get. you. Gonna. get. you." ::more tickles on belly:::

PUP: (now inside house) :: smells where the pee comes from....licks same said area::

ME: ::tosses rope-toy down hallway:: "Go get it!"

PUP: ::indifferent stare::;

ME: "Go get it!!"

PUP: ::saunters toward water bowl::

ME: :sigh:

ME: ::Youze a good girl, Yes you are! Yes you are!::

WIFEY: "You're both creepy."


Puppy said...


Man club said...


cake said...

You don't put little bows in her fur, do you?

Puppy said...

What's your problem lady? They make me feel pretty!

cake said...

Oh, hey, does she have a little rhinestone collar that says "Daddy's Little Princess" on it?

Puppy said...

Rhinestones are for losers. Cubic zirconia all the way, baby!

Peeping From The Corner said...

I bet it is a pink poodle that you take out on buddy night!

Anonymous said...

you're all covering and trying to be tough....i mean who doesn't love a man who tickles a puppys belly?

rat said...

My parents won't let me have a dog. The jerks.

Roger the Shrubber said...

That puppy's name is better suited for a cat. Hee hee.

--steve cohen said...

Hey, I Ain't No Oprah,
You speak dog very well.
I'd lick my nether regions, if I could, by the way.
Also, by the way:
My other half can't get your blog to take her comments sny more!!!
Any reasons you know of for that?