Thursday, June 28, 2007

Headless bodies found.

A story in the paper (online) tells about 20 headless bodies found in Baghdad.

Which of course raises some questions:

1. Why were these headless bodies hiding?

2. Who were these headless bodies hiding from?

3. Why is Baghdad such a haven for the headless?

4. Do the headless get thirsty?

5. Are headless folk good kissers?

6. Do the headless have dental plans? If not, what do they do with the extra money?

7. Is investing in Baghdad Haberdashery a bad investment?

8. Do the headless seek out other headless? The finding of 20 of them all together suggests a big yes.

9. If a gal was ugly when she had a head and then becomes headless is she still ugly?

10. Do the headless get colds?

11. How do you know what baseball team the headless root for?

12. If the Beatles sang about the headless....oh, nevermind.


Hell calling said...

hey, Mr Handbag, we're waiting down here for you!

cake said...

Maybe they were trying to get a-head? Someone forgot to tell 'em not to lose their head? They just wanted to get to the head of things? They were heading out and got lost?

I'm out.

headless chinese guy said...

Rell in a randrasket!

cake said...

Waitasec, the heads are still missing, right? And so are the WMDs?


we're fucked said...


exploding heads said...

You'll never see it coming!

Anonymous said...

Will I smell it coming?

exploding heads said...

Nope. Won't hear it either.

Anonymous said...

But, No Oprah might have a premonition about "it coming."

Myrna "Duck! Duck it!" Loy

I love the beatles game said...

1. Sgt Peppers Lopped Off Head Band

2. I Get By with A Little Head From My Friends.

3. Octopus's Noggen

4. I Want To Hold Your Head

rat said...

"2. I Get By with A Little Head From My Friends."

Hey! Watch it, this is a family blog.


Tex said...

Were they following the Headless Horseman??

Anonymous said...

Mmm, I love crispy headagons.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you. ::bows::

Clinky said...

Greatest New York Post Headline ever, circa the 80s:
"Headless Body in Topless Bar."

They even made it into a movie.

bella said...

'Yesterday, all my heads seemed so far away'.