Friday, August 08, 2008

Chinese OUTRAGE!

So, the Olympics are starting and a few of the US athletes got off the plane in Tokyo, or wherever they landed in China, and they were wearing face masks to protect themselves from the smog.

That's all we've heard about for the last few weeks leading up to THE GAMES. How bad the air is.

So the US athletes took precautions and now all of China is pissed off at them cuz they were wearing the masks.

They wore the masks because they heard the smog was bad. Or was it the air that was bad?

And of course, China was disrespected.

Or something.

So what is my point?

My point is that this morning when walking down the street to the post office I notice sitting inside the Nail Salon are all these female Chinese athletes WEARING MASKS and grapping the hands of old ladies!!!

Now that's disrespect!

Screw you, Tokyo!


Lois Lane said...

Yeah! What he said!

::puts on Batman mask, goes out to order chow mein for lunch::

Sparkle Plenty said...

They should have worn Mao masks. Or Richard Nixon masks! I think Nixon was as big in China as Cheap Trick was in Japan.

cake said...

I have Thai food for lunch.

::tries to tie this statement into the blog...fails...goes back to eating::

Sparkle Plenty said...

::Puts on Mao mask, steals Cake's Thai food, makes a break for border, falls down, sprains ankle, gets arrested by "Special Constables"::

Lois Lane said...

::throws Batarang at Special Constable::

Run, Sparkle, Run!!!!!

::notices sprained ankle::

Limp, Sparkle, Limp!!!

Anonymous said...

"Duck, Magnum, duck!"

-- Lamont "Not A Blonde" Cranston

cake said...

- All You Need is Masks
- Happiness Some Warm Smog
- Choke Choke Me Do
- The Long and Smoggy Road
- And Your Bird Can Cough
- While My Nose Gently Weeps

canadian diver said...

When I'm in 64th Place

Canadian table tennis player said...

The Continuing Story of our Bungling Bronze

joey mcsteroid said...

Maxwell's Silver Shammer

Mr. Wong said...

Mean Mister Mao

mr. wright said...

I Saw Her Wheezing There

cousin saul said...

really NOPRAH? Really?! The Beatles game again?....tsk, tsk, tsk. The Russian judges give you a 3.5

Joe Doherty said...

"screw you, Tokyo"...oh my god, i'm still laughing.

a lurking reader said...

Dearest Cousin Saul:

Don't you have a post to be doing? Hmmmm?