Thursday, August 21, 2008

Don't trip on the weeds.

Most of the time when I come into my house I come in through the garage.

So do most folks.

But at night we have to shut the garage doors or animals will come in (skunks!)

Or we can use the front walkway. It's brick.

And because we don't use it that much the weeds grow in between each brick.

Still with me?

So anyhow, last night we had some folks over and when it was time for them to leave they asked if they should go out through the garage or out through the front door.

ME: "Go out through the front door....but don't trip on the weeds!"

::Oldest daughter chimes in::

TINY HANDS: "You know Dad, you can't trip on weed."

ME: "Huh?"

TINY HANDS: "You just said 'don't trip on the weeds' and I'm telling you you can't trip on weed."

ME: "I once tripped on weed."

TINY HANDS: "Impossible."

ME: "Not impossible...I was at a Supertramp concert in 1979 and I tripped my brains out on 'weed' "

TINY HANDS: "Well....there must have been LSD in it or something because you can't trip on weed."

ME: "Whatever. I tripped on weed."


Normal Hand Size daughter? Please weed the front walk. Don't trip. And put some Supertramp on your IPOD.


cake said...

Canadian skunks would be smart enough to use the front door.

You can't trip on weed. Don't argue with Tiny Hands.

Thanks a lot, I now have Dreamer stuck in my head. I hate you!

Redbeard76 said...

Already have Supertramp on my "iPod". Love it. You're Bloody Well Right.

pepe le pew said...

Hey Cake! What are you implying?

cake said...

If you have to ask, Pepe, I think you just proved my point. Or something.

cheech said...

Hey dude...don't bogart that goldenrod.
or something.

The Brit said...

Hmm, friends over last night - you must have whispered my invitation too quietly

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Dear Brit,

I said we had some FOLKS over, not friends.

It's not how loud I whisper it's just that YOU don't pay attention.

Do you?

BRIT!! Wake up!!

cake said...

She ain't the only one sleeping.

God it's snoresville over here today.

*pulls blanket over head, goes back to sleep*