Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas conversations at my shop and at home.

DOLT: "Do you have gift certificates?"

ME: " much would you like one for?"

DOLT: "Do you have them for other stores?"

ME: "Why would I sell other stores gift certificates?"

DOLT: "It's Christmas."


DOLT: "Do you have anything for sale?"

ME: "Everything is for sale."

DOLT: "How much?"

DOLT: "Do you have the DUMMIES books?"

ME: "Any particular one?"

DOLT: "Any on knitting?"

ME: "Nope...but I might have a 2009 knitting calendar they might enjoy."

DOLT: "Really?"

ME: "Nope. That was a joke."

DOLT: "Oh."


GUY ACROSS THE STREET FROM MY HOUSE: "Come on over for Christmas Eve!"

WIFEY: "Okay...first we have to go over to Mike's house...we'll be over afterwards."


CHRISTMAS EVE:...."Hi...were just down the it okay to come over now?"

GUY ACROSS THE STREET: "No...we're tired."

ME to WIFEY: "So we left a fun party NOT to go across the street?"

WIFEY: "Yes."


DOLT: "Do youz hab any vibraiding stigs?

ME: "Vibraiding stigs?"

DOLT: "Yes!"

ME: "No."


GAL: "Would you like to buy these DVDs?"

ME: "No....but I'll buy your violin."

GAL: "!"



Cake said...

Very thoughtful on the violin thing, but I already have one. Can I exchange it for a gift certificate?

I Ain't No Oprah said...

All we have left are McDonald's gift certificates.

Cake said...

That's fine.

$500 worth of apple pies and hash browns!!! 2009 is gonna be awesome!

The Brit said...

You had an invite from your neighbour across the street??? And you were already at a party?? I'm way jealous of all your invites....btw, have you seen Flip?

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Dear Brit,

You know the neighbor across the street.

Can we really call that an 'invite'?

( house....tonight?)

neighbors across the street said...

We'd come but we're too tired.