Monday, June 29, 2009

True Blood. Last Night. Plot Point Revealed.

So last night me and Wifey are watching one of our favorite shows.

Said show includes:


Vampires that recycle.

Vampires that shop at the mall.


Shape-Shifter's that own restaurants.

Vampires that get their hair tinted.

A Goddess of Love or gluttony or something.

Human on Vampire sex.

Vampire on human sex.

Homesexual vampires that just want to watch TV.

Drug use, voodoo priestess.

Nudity galore.

Drunken cops. Torture chambers.

Mass marketed 'tru-blood' for those vampires that don't want to kill.

...and on and on and on.

All of a sudden in last night's episode what appears to be a savage minotaur shows up and slashes one of the gals to shreads.

Here is what Wifey said:

"Now that's stupid!"


Cake said...

She just meant that minotaurs aren't smart...which they aren't.

Yer a bit thick, eh?

beatles said...

Magical Mino Tour

Doctor Petulant said...

Thanks for ruining it for me!

midget don blake said...

"I am the Mini Thor"

The Silver Fox said...

I remember being in grammar school, learning about the Civil War's battle between the first two "iron-clad" ships, the Merrimack and the Minotaur...

mulderjoe said...

Has True Blood jumped the shark already?! What is this, a Joss Whedon show?!

(that should get things stirred up)

Cake said...

Silver Fox:

Yay! Now I can say I have a relative who fought a Minotaur!

(Don't ask how we ended up on the wrong side...)

Kathy said...

i liked the metal hip being used to break the chains. as believable as the minotaur.

oh. and nice spoilers IANO.

stevie wonder said...

the title looked like a spoiler to me.

The Silver Fox said...

By the way, sorry to be such a stickler about grammar, but..

"Me and Wifey are watching..."? "Me and Wifey are watching..."?

Shouldn't it have been, "Me and Wifey wuz watching..."?

Just sayin'.

mulderjoe said...

David: Good catch on the Grammar. For shame, IANO...for shame.

Stevie Wonder: Oh, like IANO's titles usually really say what's going to be in his post. (heh heh...he said "post")

Cake: I thought minotaurs were smart. Isn't one of them Secretary of State?

And what, noone took the bait of the Joss Whedon comment? Hello?? Is this thing on??

The Silver Fox said...

Joss Whedon? That's the actor who played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation, innit?

Anonymous said...