Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Four Mature Adults Only

So last night I join Wifey and Laverne at a restaurant for dinner.

They got there about an hour before me and were half way thru eating by the time I showed up.

Small talk. Greetings.

The waiter comes up to me asks what I'd like.

I'm not overly hungry so I just order a hamburger and fries.

I tell the waiter:

"Just the burger and garnish! No onion, no tomato, no pickle...just beef and bun."

And then all of sudden Wifey chimes in with:

"I'll have his pickle!"

And then the four mature adults....a total of almost 200 years of life experience....start to giggle because Wifey wants my pickle.

Dinner goes well. Conversation, a few laughs.

Do I need to mention that Wifey barely touched my pickle?


The Silver Fox said...

Sometimes a pickle is only a cigar... or something.

beatles said...

My Pickle Mystery Tour

Lois Lane said...

To quote Homer Simpson, mmmmmm....pickles.

(And MulderJoe, my deepest apologies! I would have totally taken the Joss Whedon bait the other day, had I not been on vacation.)

The Silver Fox said...

Joss Whedon... Joss Whedon...

I've got it! Isn't she that hot-looking young English soul singer?

I wasn't aware of that said...

Dear Lois,

You were on vacation?

Lois Lane said...

Dear I Wasn't Aware of That,

Don't you have funny books to hawk or something?


Sparkle Plenty said...

There must have been something wrong with your pickle. Don't worry. Happens a lot.

mulderjoe said...

Thanks Lois!

The Silver Fox said...

Sparkle, there are a lot of guys out there who say, "Sorry, there's never been anything wrong with my pickle before!

cousin saul said...

So...apparently Wifey doesn't like Baby Gerkin pickles?

Cake said...

"Do I need to mention that Wifey barely touched my pickle?"

Nobody is surprised.

What a touching tribute to Canada on our shouldn't have. *wipes eyes* Just wonderful.

Cousin Saul wins.