Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Michael Jackson Memorial

So yesterday was the big day.

Staples Center filled with family, friends and fans. (we call it the 3-fs)

(not really...we call it family, friends, and fans)

So anyhow...Berry Gordy starts talking about meeting the Jackson Family many years ago.

He tells of the numerous softball games the two families would play over the years.

He explains how Tito and Jermaine would smash the ball and usually the Jackson Family would beat the crap out of the Gordy family. In softball.

He goes on to explain that Michael was the catcher and that he missed a lot of balls.

Two seconds go by and my phone rings.

It's Cousin Saul.

SAUL: "I doubt Michael Jackson missed many balls."


Cake said...

Tell Saul to quit watching tv and either update his damn blog or do another movie review.

I've never witnessed such slacking...

Canadian Bake-Tress said...

That is so funny. You two should go on the road with your comedy routine!!

Anonymous said...

Why pay for the cow when you can get the milk for free here, Bake-Tress?

cousin saul said...

The next chapter is coming within a few days! Be sure to actually comment on it!

Cake said...


I always (sometimes) comment! I promise (maybe) I certainly will (possibly) this time, too!

cousin saul said...

I don't remember you commenting on my exciting two-part extravaganza blog chapter about the memorial service...did I miss it?

The Silver Fox said...

Pssst!Cousin Saul! Cake still "owes" me some comments on a couple of very special stories that were written with her in mind! Don't believe her!

By the way... the MJ remark was spot-on!

Cake said...

I'd totally comment on that story but I only seem to have the David'Z RantZ blog linked...oh well.

*wanders off, whistling*