Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sorry I don't speak Taco Bell, Jerk!

So I go to the drive-thru last night:

ME: "Yes...I'd like six crunchy tacos."

HIM: "You'd like six hard tacos?"

ME: "Six crunchy tacos."

HIM: "Six hard tacos...anything else?"

ME: "I'd like six crunchy tacos."

HIM: "Six hard tacos...that'll be $5.84."

ME: "Are hard tacos the same as crunchy tacos?"

HIM: "Yes."

ME: "Why does the sign out here call them crunchy tacos?"

HIM: "No idea...the sign in here calls them hard tacos."

ME: "Crunchy sounds better."

HIM: "I agree."

ME: "Thank you."

HIM: "Would you like hot sauce with those "crunchy tacos"?

ME: "The mild sauce."

HIM: "It's still hot."

ME: "Why do they call it mild?


If you look closely at the menu I posted it says 'hard'....the drive-thru menu says crunchy.


cousin saul said...

Thanks. Thanks a bunch. Now I want Taco Bell and we do not have one near us. The closest one is 35 miles away. I hate you.

Cake said...

Ditto, Saul...ditto. I think we need a lynch mob.

Anonymous said...

A hard lynch mob or a crunchy lynch mob?

Cake said...

I dunno, but they'll be mildly hot!

Not Davidz said...

Did someone call for me?

Cousin Saul's Nephew said...

Cousin Saul,

Don't you wish NH was a real state and had a Taco Bell on every street corner like they do in every other state? MMM...I can almost smell the Chalupas from my house!

cousin saul said...

Dearest Cousin Saul's nephew,
Hey! Great to have you actually commenting!..Any chance you'll be coming to NH soon? If not, we may be stopping by your place at the end of August...

The Silver Fox said...

I don't know what "crunchy lynch" would be. "Hard lynch" is me on a good night.

Cake said...

Oh my god...I totally missed the "lynch" pun.

I need a drink.