Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Al Gore (snicker) thinks climate change (snicker) is like fighting the Nazis


Can Al Gore (laughter) conjure up lightning like Hitler?

I think not.

Can Al Gore (laughter) attack Russia in the winter?

I think not.

Can Al Gore (laughter) make the sweet, sweet love to a gal named Eva?

I think not.

Can Al Gore (laughter) be friends with dogs of all breeds like a certain Mr. Adolf?

I think not.

Can Al Gore (laughter) get a job? A real job?

I think not.

Can Al Gore (laughter) grow a cool little 'stache that the ladies swoon over?

I think not.

Can Al Gore (laughter) do anything except annoy me?

I think not.


Hitler controlled the weather. Al Gore (laughter) doesn't.


Kathy said...

But Al looks so much better with facial hair

Cake said...

I'm desperate to make a weather/Nazi joke (hail/heil) but I can't quite get there.

I need more coffee.

Sparkle Plenty said...

But: You can make better jokes with Al's gal's name.

Exhibit A:
Tipper? I hardly even know her!
Eva? I hardly even know her!

Also: You can do a long, involved Abbott & Costello routine with Tipper's name...(I advise you not do so, but one can.)

Costello: What's Al's wife's name?
Abbott: Tipper.
Costello: Why should I tip her? What did she ever do for me? So, what's her name?
Abbott: Tipper.
Costello: But, I don't WANNA tip her! I just wanna know what her NAME is.


Anonymous said...

: Eva's on first?

: Who is on first.

: Eva?

Lois Lane said...

You just wait until Al Gore gets his hands on the Spear of Destiny. Just you wait...

Sparkle Plenty said...

I want a Spear of Destiny!

But, I guess I'd settle for a Toothpick of Possibility...Less pressure with that, too.

Albert "Destiny" Speer said...

Did someone call me?

The Silver Fox said...

So, if Albert Speer's nickname is "Destiny," does that mean that any one of his offspring would be Destiny's Child?

(By the way, IANO, no matter how much you dislike Al Gore, I'll bet you just love the fact that he gave you an excuse for yet another Hitler post!)