Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Bryant Gumbel Battling Cancer

That's what the headlines say.



Is he actually battling cancer or does he just have cancer?


Is Cancer afraid of Bryant?

Is Cancer favored in their 'battle'?

Is it a 12 round fight...or maybe a 15 rounder?

Bryant Gumbel has cancer and maybe some doctors are giving him some treatment.

Battling cancer?

The only person that will battle cancer will be me.

And possibly Frazier and Ali.

And maybe Marvin Hagler.


Cake said...

Cancer seems to win a lot. I blame all the fundraisers it seems to have...I mean, hardly a fair battle with all that financial support behind it, eh?

Sparkle Plenty said...

Yes: Cancer is afraid of Gumbel (but even more afraid of Tiger Woods' wife).

No: Cancer is not favored in their 'battle.' Despite its tough rep, Cancer has a bad habit of falling for, "Look! Over there!"

A good way to scare cancer is to tell it that you're going to beat it up after third period. (And steal its milk money.)