Friday, December 18, 2009

This is the one about a limo driver that doesn't really have a punchline.

So BuddyNite was winding down from a restaurant packed with holiday revelers (You'll never actually hear someone say 'Holiday Revelers''s just used in print) we're leaving and we spot this limo sitting outside. And it's a woman driver. She's blonde.

She smiles at us. We smile and wave back.

And then I get in my car and Hoag gets in the passenger seat.

I see the limo.

And I pull up beside it as close as I possibly can. On Hoag's side.

He's roughly eight inches away from said Blonde Limo Driver.

I put the car in park and just sit there for an uncomfortable amount of time.

Uncomfortable for The Hoag that is. And Blonde Limo Driver.

I just stare straight ahead and Hoag squirms for what seems like forever. He's eight inches away from Blonde Limo Driver's window.

Blonde Limo Driver has no idea what we're gonna do. It's borderline creepy. She can't open her door. She starts to open her window.

We start laughing and drive away.

Blonde Limo Driver thinks to herself: 'Assholes!'

And how do I know that she was thinking that?

Trust me...I know.


Cake said...

So to sum up:

Yet another reason everyone is always mad at you.

Blonde Limo Driver said...

And you seemed like such a nice gay couple!

cousin saul said...

...."seemed like?????"

Ditzy Blonde said...

What? They ARE nice gay guys, Saul?

Miss Mensa said...

Will you play "Silent Night" for me, please?

Beatles said...

She Got Out Through the Backdoor Window

Increasingly Lame Beatles said...

Ticket to Slam (Her Door Into Yours)?