Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Please enter the I AINT NO OPRAH Bad Poetry Contest.

The sun beats on the lonely farmer.

Crops wilt. Dust blows.

Despair enters his head.

Corn rare.

Locust flee.

The man...hands to his face.

Tears. Fear.

The sun beats on the lonely farmer.

Wind blows.

Emptiness howls.

Beans, wheat, and barley.

No more. The sun beats on the lonely farmer.

Empty pockets. Empty dreams. Empty farm.

Starving cattle. Thinning herd.

The sun beats on the lonely rancher...


Sparkle Plenty said...


The Word Bamboo
Ain't No Rhyme
for "Kangaroo"
It Angers Me
Fills Me With Sorrow
To Know
It Still
Won't Rhyme Tomorrow
Pajamas, Likewise
Rhymes Not
With Bananas
And Still Will Not
In Three Mananas

Anonymous said...

X-tra value
is what you get
when you
try coronet

Lamont "Tried and True" Cranston

beatles said...

Holding your hand.

Knowing your secret.

Fixing your hole...getting into your life.

Something yesterday.

Let it be Rita...or Lady Madonna.

All we need is love because Baby, I'm a rich man.





I love you.

chinese guy said...


Rots of ruv.


Ruvers. Ruvers risten to each other.

Ruvers rike each other.


365 days a year.

366 on reap year!


Pluggy McPlugstien the Poet said...

Saul has a blog

The link is over there.

It's about his life in comics.

But then he pulls the ol' switcheroo.

You've read it before...but now it's on blogger and you can leave comments.

From Nantuckett...

Ocean spray, Ocean spray. Hearts beat fast.

Cousin Saul said...

My blog ain't really too good...I'm just beggin' for comments...I'm a lonely old man, ya know?

black man said...

Dis here poem aint meant to dis ya.

It's meant to shimmy sham bam a lam.

Who dat?

Who dat?

Ice Kringle.


Michelle Obama said...

Sleeveless dress.

Fit and divine.

Gorilla in the city.

Sleeveless and toned.

Though still some flab. Media blind.

Cake said...

Dear Saul:

That's not how you get traffic! Dear gawd, man, do we gotta teach you everything!?

Bad poetry is like bad wine,
when you start
it seems just fine,
but as you go,
through glass or rhyme
you soon will pray
for death by lion.

Canadian Beat Poet said...


Angsty Teenager Poetry said...

I wish I had chocolate
to coat my ennui
in caffeinated

Al Gore said...

Why? Cried the seagull
Over the waves
The earth dies
Yes, I want fries
with that
said the sailer
Throwing his cigarette butt
to the bird.

Not quite getting it said...

There once was a man from Nantucket...

Matt Wood said...

You're sad because you're sad.
It's psychic. It's the age. It's chemical.
Go see a shrink or take a pill,
or hug your sadness like an eyeless doll
you need to sleep.

Well, all children are sad
but some get over it.
Count your blessings. Better than that,
buy a hat. Buy a coat or pet.
Take up dancing to forget.

Emm A.T. Wood said...

Being with you
here, in this room

is like groping through a mirror
whose glass has melted
to the consistency
of gelatin

worcester said...

Fireworks (bubble wrap) shoots from my heart.

Calvacade of color (clear plastic) blasting in the night sky (steps of City Hall)

Ohhhh! And Awwws!!!! (pop-pop-pop)

Fireworks ring in New Year...bubble wrap for budget cuts.

pablo neruda wannabe said...

it's no matter to me
that we can never be free
it's just hard to stand
not holding your hand.

your soul blazes starlight
in the cold still of the night
i want to have it so much
but i fear for the touch

of your scorn

Some random animal-lover said...

I wish I were a penguin
penguins are never sad!
Though as some wise men
have stated:

"Penguins are often bad!"

O if I were a penguin
I'd fish all fast and madly
and if I were a penguin
I'd swim all fast and paddly!

I'm hungry said...

The meaning of life is found
In a grilled cheese sandwich
And lost in the last bite.
With a pickle.
A really, really good pickle.

Don'tcha know it said...


Full like the basketball.

Eyes. Thick like sausage.

Fingers. Lickin' good.


Full like the blimp.

Legs. Dead man's curves.

September 30th 1955

Jimmy Dean Jimmy Dean

keith moon said...

Portnoy complained.

For what? For what?

Portnoy. Percussion.

Bang your drum slowly.

It vibrates the glass in the sink.

The half finished milk like a tidal wave goes splash.

Portnoy complained.

That's a real stinker! said...

It happened so fast that I couldn't
I howled at the moon
and the moon howled back
I threw myself back
It happened so fast!
And she just laughed.
And dared me to have another drink
and throw up again.

Goughta Headakenow said...

Denmark, for the passion and lust of power,
Stood, as a country, against the cliffs
The vaunted silver cliffs of despair
And suggested a perilous allegiance with time.

Their king stood on the beach
Just out of reach of the waves
And he mocked eternity with his stony glance.
And his boasting stride
Spoke of the sea and loss and cloudlight.

Negotiators of oblivion and tears.

last line wins it said...

The birds fly south.

On feathered wings.

Air currents direct.

Formations form.

Instinct. Design.

The birds fly south.

Instinct and design.

New Jersey. Deleware.


From the sky the states have no shape. No borders.

Birds fly south.

Instinct. Design.

Feathered forms. Feathred wings.

"Cah! Cah!"

Sparkle Plenty said...

With no disrespect to Last Line Wins it, I'm gonna have to take the award and give it to Beyonce.

Obama said...

What a jackass that Sparkle is!

The Incredible Hulk said...

Buy my comic puny human
Or limbs you will be losing
Lay down your hard cold cash
Or Hulk come to your house and SMASH!

Hulk will crush puny bamboo and coronet and bubble wrap and Al Gore and penguins and Denmark.
Hulk is strongest there is!

Cousin Robert Frost said...

And miles to go before I sleep,
and miles to go before I sleep.