Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's Haiku About What An Idiot Theo Epstein Is Day

You traded Manny

Didn't re-sign The Pedro

Dumping Mike Lowell



Theo is a dick said...

Millar Damon Curt

You stupid stupid Jew

On Base Percentage?

Sparkle Plenty said...

My dear Red Sox team
Why not use my Juan instead?
Love, Epstein's Mother

(This haiku is proof
that I'm really very old...
used to watch Kotter.)

Cake said...

Yay! Day two of bad poetry and me with little work to do!

Hai-FU! said...

Yay! It Is Day Two
Bad Poems Run Rampant...HEY!
Cake will join in now?

Cake said...

I got distracted
by the folks who pay me, eh?

Anonymous said...

Theo Epstein, dork!
Absent the day brains issued.
Go play in traffic.

I'm a leaf on the wind said...

A leaf in a stream
Has more intelligent thoughts
Than our man Theo

Cake said...

Says the koi, always calm:
"I freaking hate that loser!"
Splash, he vanishes.