Monday, December 21, 2009

Cougar Town

So this woman comes in the store looking for some gifts for her son.

She's very nice. She asks me for help.

I show her around. Ask a few questions about her old is he, what's he into, etc.

I get a feel for what she's looking for.

Conversation is flowing.

Did I mention she was attractive?

She starts piling up stuff on the counter.

I'm up on the ladder getting hard to reach stuff. "This takes AA batteries!"

Still making conversation. Always looking in my eyes.

It's getting friendlier (but at all times professional)

She's smiling a lot more than when she first came in. She seems real comfortable with me. She's let down her guard (if in fact it was ever up)

She starts telling me how she spent her snowed in Sunday. Kinda private stuff.

She finishes up shopping...I ring her up.

She pays. She looks deep in my eyes.

I think she's into me!

Here is the conversation that follows:

HER: "Would you like to come to bible study with me and my husband Thursday night?"

ME: "No thank you."



Thursday's are BuddyNight, not JesusNight. (Though Jesus would have made a fine buddy)

I guess.


Sparkle Plenty said...

Jehovah's Cougars!

Cake said...

So you might say she was praying on you...har har har!

Tom (A Third Moment) said...

Any clues in the inventory she piled up to buy that might have tipped you off as to her intentions?

Sneakin Pete said... better gimme a whooooooole lotta lumps

Just sayin' said...

"I ring her up."


Anonymous said...

Eight Prays a Week

Paul said...

For a second I thought you were talking about my mom, but she doesn't do Bible study.