Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pillow Fight!

So for Christmas I asked for a new pillow.

For Christmas I received a new pillow.

That is where the story should end.

It doesn't.

Why doesn't it you ask?

Gather 'round and I'll tell you.

So I get the new pillow and new pillow is excellent for watching tv with. It's firm and it kinda props me up.

So far so good, correct?

But new pillow stays on the couch because that's where I normally watch tv.

So where is old pillow?

Old pillow goes back upstairs on the bed.

'I still see no story here', you think.

So I come home from work yesterday, go upstairs, and notice my old pillow sitting on chair next to bed.

ME: "HEY HONEY!! Why is my pilllow off the bed?"

WIFEY: "It's gross."

ME: "What are you talking about??"

WIFEY: "It's old. It's gross. It's filled with bugs."

ME: "It's not filled with bugs! What makes you even think that??"

WIFEY: "You don't wanna know..."


So To Sum Up:

In Wifey's Abby Normal brain I've been using a bug-filled pillow for years, she never said anything about it, and now she won't let me put bug-filled pillow on bed, but for some reason it's okay to put a bug-filled pillow on the chair TWO FEET FROM SAID BED.



My pillow(s) are too big for bugs...bugs would want tiny little pillows for their tiny little bug heads.




Me=married to the insane.



There ain't no bugs in either pillow.

Though I do think there are mites on Wifey's side of bed.


paul howley said...

I've got no real ciomment on your bug-filled pillow...but I do have:

Cousin Saul’s Christmas mini-movie review:
So…after we opened our Christmas gifts and ate a hearty, balanced breakfast, we went out to the movies to see “Sherlock Holmes.” Now, most of you know that I don’t like very many movies…but this one gets a strong recommendation from me. Robert Downey Jr was quite good. Even Jude Law (one of the most one-dimensional, cardboard actors of this current generation) was good. The story was very well written…never dumbed down for the audience…interestingly filmed. There was enough action to keep men entertained and enough story to keep fans of character-driven stories interested. The movie was “clean” enough for young teens but thrilling enough for the whole family (although really young kids may not be able to follow the intricate plot) My only regret is that they didn’t film a sequel to this movie already, so we’ll have to wait a few years for another one! I’d rate this a four and a half out of five stars. Go see this film!

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Review movies on your own blog, Loser.

paul howley said...

Oh...I forgot I had a Blog of my own now! I should put the movie reviews there...Thanks for reminding me that I have a blog at:

Cousin Saul said...

Oh you two are so funny together! I wish I was related to you two!

Cake said...

"Me=married to the insane."

Well, you know what they say about birds of a feather...

Cousin Saul:

Don't you have a blog for reviewing movies now? (This is a dual-purpose comment designed to make fun of you AND give you a way to plug your blog...ain't I smaht?)

Cake said...

Oh, crap...you both beat me to it.

*takes possibly bug-filled comment...goes home*

The Inevitable Beatles said...

All You Need is Gloves

Eight Sprays (of Insecticide) a Week

I Don't Want to Hold Your Pillow

Being for the Benefit of Mr. Mite

Itchy Beatles said...

Ob-La-Scritch, Ob-La-Scratch

mulderjoe said...

I once had a dream that I ate the biggest marshmellow in the world.

When I woke up, my pillow was gone!

(heads over to Paul's blog to read movie reviews...)

Sparkle Plenty said...

Okay, somehow I need to make this comment longer than Paul's 'cause I'm feelin' all competitive today. Yet I have seen no movies. What to do? Okay. Down to business.

1) "Oh you two are so funny together! I wish I was related to you two!"Shakes head slowly
Cousin Saul has oded on myrrh.

2) See, I read this and I think, "Oh, their poor mothers." Then I think, "Thank god wifey moved that filthy buggy pestilence- pillow to the chair. Smart gal."

3) Then I go see what's on Cake's blog, mymylifewithcomicbooks.blogspot.com in which she discusses her life as a comic book seller. Wait, that is Cake I'm thinking of, isn't it?

4) IANO: I regret to inform you that wacky glasses live on:

Cake said...


My new movie review site is at:



Sparkle Plenty said...

Oh, great! You're at: mylifewithcomicbooks.blogspot.com

Excellent! I will visit you at:

Cake too lazy to sign in said...

See you at mylifewithcomicbooks.blogspot.com! I heard someone else occasionally posts stuff about his life with comic books over at mylifewithcomicbooks.blogspot.com but I guess you'll have to go and check out mylifewithcomicbooks.blogspot.com to see for sure! Yay for mylifewithcomicbooks.blogspot.com!

And movie reviews!

Braaaaains... said...

Too soon?

comic book and life fan said...

What was the address of that blog about Life With Comic Books?

Not really a movie lover said...

Oh. Does that other blog review movies? I don't enjoy movies or reviews about movies, so I don't need the address of that other blog.

Now this is getting silly said...

The blog you're looking for (which is mylifewithcomicbooks.blogspot.com) never reviews movies.

Except when it does.

And it's at: mylifewithcomicbooks.blogspot.com

I believe it's about someone's life with comics, though I could be wrong.