Monday, June 07, 2010

I AINT NO OPRAH interviews the BP Oil Executives about the Gulf oil spill.

Welcome gentlemen! Today we have just a few questions about your plans on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

"Oil me."

"Well, Doggy!"

"Do you plan on cleaning up all of the oil and making good on all of your promises to help the people of the Gulf coast?"

"If I only had a heart."

"We're gonna clean up alright. Everything. Or we're're gonna end up with the seat of our britches on fire."

"Are you going to help the wildlife that have been soaked in oil?"

"Not even a rhinoceros."

"Well, doggy!"

"Anything else you'd like to add?"

"Oil can."

"Well, doggy!"

"Thank you gentlemen for your honest and insightful answers."

"Boy, you're just one dumb ol' cowboy, ain't you!?"


Cake not signed in said...

I'm just glad Canada has that big ole wall up to keep the oil over on your side of the border.




British Petroleum said...

That'll learn ya to demand your liberty, you cheeky little upstart colonists! We get the last laugh! Ahahahahahahaha!

Oh, gotta go, tea time.

Beatles said...

Fixing a Hole

Eight Days a Week (Is How Long BP Really Needs)

Oily Octopus Garden

Lame Beatles said...

Why Don't We Drill it in the Road?

Very Lame Beatles said...

Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Oil Soaked Monkey?

Exceptionally Lame Beatles said...

Black in the G.U.L.F.

Anonymous said...

worst beatle song parody titles EVER!

Sparkle Plenty said...

Well, doggy!

Joe Garagiola again said...

Hey Crude
Don't let me down...
Nah nah nah nahnahnahnah
Hey Crude

Tex said... one's gonna figure out who's fault the oil spill is....we're not sure who killed JR yet

joe Garagicornea said...

Anybody else feel that the close-up of Nopie's left eye is... well...
Kinda creepy?