Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Professional Diamond Cutters

So I'm driving to work the other day and I see this very nice looking business truck.

On the side in very snazzy script was: PROFESSIONAL DIAMOND CUTTERS

You could see this business was professional. Clean truck. Uniformed guys driving said truck. Nice paint job.

And then I saw the back of the truck.

In the same beautiful script...same professional paint job.

It stated:


So To Sum Up:

I'll get my diamonds cut somewhere else.


Cake not signed in said...

To sum up further:

Editors will never lack for work...if folks actually think to ask 'em.

bacon ace said...

You could still safely have your diamonds cut there but I wouldn't have them do any engraving.

Sparkle Plenty said...

I dunno...I kind of like the soulful, steady sound of "WE ALWAYS AROUND."

"Hey! Professional Diamond Cutters!Where you at to?"
"Don't worry, baby. We always around."

We Arways Alound said...

At least they aren't Chinese.

chasid in de nort countree said...

To avoid the possibililty of inadvertently scratching or cutting a glass or polished surface, a well-cut diamond has the edges burnished, or "rounded". This applies to all edges. Of course the trade term for this is "arounding" (It's done all around the stone.)
Thus, "We always around" simply means that they always do a complete, thorough job.

Of course, that's all a lie, but I guessed the more gullible amongst you (especially Nopie hisself) might buy it.

I Ain't No Oprah said...

The geezer had me for a second!!