Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Will return on June 28th


Clinky said...

Down at O'Houligans watching the World Cup?

Cake said...

Damn...I thought I was being unique by being on hiatus.

Oh well, at least my reasons are valid...he's just lazy.

bacon ace said...

It's like he doesn't even care about us.

Johnny Horton in de nort countree said...

Nopie ran through the briars
And he ran through the brambles
And he ran through the bushes
Where the rabbits couldn't go
And he ran so fast
That the hounds couldn't catch him
When Nopie went a-fishin'
In the Gulf of Mexico

Silly, silly, oily Nopie.

Tex said...

I go on hiatus and tell no one so they all wonder in anticipation for my return.

IANO is down fixing the BP plug with all his bullxxxx :)