Monday, June 14, 2010

Three Simple Words and a Dilemma

Assume I have around 100 people that I'm normally in contact with.

One of those people had to have a colonoscopy.

A simple thing.

Except for the prep.

36 hours of hell for the person having said colonoscopy.

Lots of horrible stuff to drink.

Lots of fluids. Laxatives. No food.

Lots of pooping.

The idea is to have a totally empty colon so the camera can see everything it needs to see.

Lots of trips to the bathroom.


Again and again and again.

The procedure itself isn't so bad (or so I've heard)


So this person I know who is having the colonoscopy does all of the prep work.

They do their job.

It's now up to the doctors to do theirs.


Now I bring you to 8:55 last night.

Wifey's phone vibrates. Or buzzes. Or whatever her phone does.

It's a text message from my oldest daughter.

The Three Simple Words:

"How's Poops McGee?"

Possibly the greatest three words I've ever heard.

Me and Wifey are laughing.

Poops McGee.

So what is the dilemma?

The dilemma is do we forever brand this person Poops McGee or do we pass it on to the next person we know that has a colonoscopy?

Miss America isn't forever Miss America. She's only Miss America until a new one is crowned.

I think Poops McGee should be the same kind of thing.

Or something.

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Anonymous said...

Bah, I've had to do that prep going on four times now...tell Poops McGee to suck it up.