Thursday, June 03, 2010

My Own Private Computer Holocaust (Idaho)

Lightning storm! (BA-BOOM!) Bolts of SS.

Electrical mayhem! Motherboard Ker-Plunk!

I'm at work with no computer.

It won't turn on.

I can't bring in my other computer until the next day.

I have seven hours in my shop with no internet.

Seven hours.

Al Gore splits with his wife and I can't get details.

I can't blog about it.

I have Al Gore stuff in the ready-room just a waitin' to go.

But no computer.

Computer Holocaust!

I look at the computer. I try the power button.


Unplug it. Plug it back in.

I try the power button.


I take the battery out. I put it back in. I do the hokey-pokey.


I go busy myself in the store. I come back to the computer.

I kinda stand there. Maybe now it will turn on.


Busy myself.

Come back to computer. Look at him.

Just sitting there.

No news. No blogs. No email. No forums.

This is nuts.

I get through the day. Somehow.

The next day I bring in my old computer.

I turn it on. IT'S ON!

I'm saved.

But wait...



I look at the modem. Modem has boo-boo.

I call internet provider.

They run me through some tests.'s the modem.

They can bring me another one.

But not until 5:00

Another day with no internet.

But the computer works!

It hits me.

I do NOTHING on the computer without the internet.

I have a computer solely for the internet.

(though the i-Pad I use mostly WITHOUT the internet)

I look at my old computer. She's just sitting there with nothing to do.

She wants to do something.

But she can't.

Today is Thursday. The internet has been fixed.

Computer is somewhere in Texas getting fixed.


I posted today's blog just so I could show that picture of the Nazi computer.

Me not having the internet really wasn't as bad as the Holocaust.


Cake said...

So you play on a male computer all day, huh?


I Ain't No Oprah said...

If you didn't skim you would have noticed that one is a guy and one is a gal.

Cake said...

So you're bi, then?