Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thank you, Cousin Saul!

So I go into the post office this morning to mail two packages.

CLERK: "That will be $21.40."

So I hand the broad a fifty dollar bill.

She looks at the bill.

She holds it up to the light.

Then she takes out one of those counterfeit bill detector pens and makes a mark on my fifty dollar bill.

She holds it back up to the light.

I look at her.

She puts the fifty in her cash drawer and hands me my change....two tens, a five, three ones and some coin.

ME: "May I see that pen?"

She doesn't blink. She hands me the pen.

I start making marks on the paper money. Then the coins.

CLERK: "Sir...what are you doing?"

ME: "I'm seeing if these are counterfeits."

CLERK: "Why would I give you counterfeit money?"

ME: "Why would I?"


I would just like to thank Cousin Saul for placing this idea in my head. I've been waiting to use it.


cousin saul said...

Moron public servants.

Sleepy McNoCleverName said...

I think it's adorable that you guys still use "ones."

Also, I can't wait to pass counterfeit money in NoOprah's shop!

Joe Garagiola in de nort countree said...

Making marks on money is fun. Canadian $5 bills have wonderful portraits of Spock on them. Just have to draw in a "haircut".

By the way, what's Spock's first name (Spock the Vulcan not Spock the doctor)? Anybody know?

Spock's first name is said...


A citizen said...

I thought of the most delicious irony here but it would start a fight if I posted it -- so I won't.