Monday, June 06, 2011

The Cravings

So yesterday I get a text from Wifey:

"Could you please stop at Burger King on your way home and get me two hamburgers...I'm craving them."

I bring her two hamburgers. Because that's the kinda guy I am.

When I get home I notice that there is another text on my phone.

"Could you please get me five navel oranges?"

So I apologize to Wifey for not noticing the text and the request for oranges.

Here is what she said:

"Oh crap, I meant to send that text to Youngest Daughter, not you."


So lets review:

In the span of a few minutes Wifey sends out two texts (that we know about) requesting food from two different food groups because she is CRAVING them!!

Is it possible that she sent out numerous other texts to her Food Army to satisfy her other cravings???

She's a goddamn eating machine with numerous cravings and she might not be able to be stopped!! DELETE HER TEXTS!!!


Cake not signed in said...

I'll be by to drop off the blue cheese, three sesame bagels, watermelon, and poutine after supper.

Someone said...

Two burgers -- so Wifey is getting a bit on the chubby side then?

Someone said...

Hey!! Someone stole my name!!!