Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The RAID on Antebbe

So the other day I'm putting a bag of trash in my trunk when I notice a few ants on the bag.

I take said bag and put it inside another plastic bag and then put back in trunk.

(I'm taking trash to a dumpster)

So I get to the dumpster about an hour later and I open up the trunk.


And not the good Jemima kind!

My trunk is covered in ants!! Tons of ants!

I go inside my shop and find a can of RAID and spray the crap out of my trunk.

I wipe it clean with a sponge.

I taught those bastards a big time lesson.

Stay outta my trunk, Ants!!

My day continues. Hours pass. Night nears.

My workday is done. I go out to my car.

I check the trunk. No ants.

Did I mention it was a steamy day?

I get in my car.

It's a freakin' oven in there with Zyklon B fumes choking me!!

It reeks of death in my car. It reeks of RAID!

I can hear the ants laughing at me.


Three days later my car is still a headache inducing deathmobile.

I have to drive with the windows down (those that know me know that I hate that!!)

This morning I covered the trunk with Arm and Hammer baking soda.

It did no good.

Some weird kinda chemsitry is going on in my trunk. It ain't good.

Never forget.

The ants still laugh.

I still have a RAID headache.


Anonymous said...

You have a "shop"?

Cake not signed in said...

So to sum up:

Never fill your trunk with poison.

You know, if you get stopped by the police, they're gonna smell your car and think you're trying to cover up forensic evidence in the trunk or something. Or have I just been reading too many mystery novels?

Gateau ajout a Cake said...

Never fill your trunk with poison.
Especially if you're an elephant