Saturday, June 04, 2011

Scolded by Hoag

So I'm out with my buddy Hoag the other night when all of a sudden he says to me "Be less of a dick!"

Here is part of the rest of the conversation:

ME: "I'm a dick?"

HOAG: "Be less of a dick."

ME: "Do people think I'm a dick?"

HOAG: "Be less of a dick."

ME: "But people know I'm just kidding with them!"

HOAG: "Be less of a dick."

Did I mention when we went into the restaurant we kinda butted in front of Caren and Martha to get the last table in the bar area?

Did I mention that they were now sitting at the bar?

Here is some more conversation:

ME: "Hey...should I go offer them our table?"

HOAG: "No. I kinda like it here."

ME: "I'm not really gonna give them our table. I'm just gonna flaunt the table to them."

HOAG: "Be less of a dick."


Nixon said...


Dick Van said...

Be more of a Dyke.

Fatty McChubby said...

Yeah, you could try to be less of a dick. But you probably won't.

True story said...

Ironically, one of those names is my family nickname and one is my sister's nickname. Funny.

True retard said...

My sister's NAME, not NICKNAME.

I need more coffee.

Anonymous said...

It's not coffee that you need more of...

politician said...

Anthony Weiner